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2010 Pioneer Road Show

The last couple days I along with several of my coworkers were at La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, CA, near Palm Springs to attend the 2010 Pioneer Road Show where Pioneer introduced several new products. Pioneer sponsored a publication to be distributed to their dealers and distributors that showcased the event itself and featured 12 vehicles with Pioneer audio equipment. Myself and 3 other photographers each took 3 vehicles and had to photograph them for this publication. My company even made a bit of a contest and is giving $200 to the person who has the best photo-shoot. That was good idea as it created a good competitive atmosphere.

I shot all 3 of my cars in the afternoon, the location I found gave 3 different looks. It was pretty straight forward, just time consuming. For the details I used available light and for the overalls I used my Dynalites with the xp1100 power pack. This pack was really expensive but so far has proved its worth, giving me the power I need on location.

The top 3 award winners of the Pioneer Buildoff