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Canon 1d Mark 2N shutter failure

A couple months ago while shooting the Formula D finals in Irwindale, Ca my Canon 1d Mark IIn started to make some strange noises each time I fired the shutter. I shot a couple images and looked at the screen and  noticed this diagonal black bar going across the frame. all I could think of was great not again, see this isn’t the first time the shutter has failed on this camera. It has happened 2 other times and both well under the 250k that Canon says they say they should last. Each time this has been repaired, Canon has not charged for completely replacing the shutter…I guess this is a known issue with these cameras.

Shutter on Canon 1d Mark IIn


Back on the road

Well the short break of not traveling is over. Over the next 3 months ill be seeing the Hampton Inn more than my home. Tomorrow I leave for Chicago for a short trip to cover the D1 event at Soldier Field.

After that I will be headed out to Seattle, WA; Sonoma, CA; Winnipeg Canada; Calgary, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Miami, FL, Dallas, TX.

Somewhere i will find the time to take a few days off and go to Tokyo, Japan for a few days to visit friends.