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Canadian Customs and Immigration

It has been about 10 years since I have been to Canada and from what I remember about both entering and leaving Canada it was a major pain in the ass especially with all the Camera gear I carry. The questions are:

Why are you coming to Canada

What is your business here

Are you going to leave your Camera equipment here in Canada

How do we know your not going to leave it in Canada

Upon Leaving Canada

What was your business purpose in Canada

How long were you here

How do we know that you did not buy this camera gear in Canada

Do you have receipts to prove that you did not buy this here

These don’t seem that bad on the surface but through the mouth of a bitter government employee it was a pain in the ass. With those memories, I was less than enthusiastic about traveling to Canada. During the month of August I was going to be experiencing Canadian Customs 3 different times, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg.

I don’t know what has changed within the Canadian Customs and Immigration but it was not what I expected. The Customs agents were actually pleasant, when I explained why i was entering and leaving their country they just said have a good trip. No hassles…