A journal of my life as an editorial Photographer

February Photo shoots

February is usually one of the slowest months of the year for me which is nice to have some downtime, but by the end of the month, I start to get cabin feverand cant wait to start traveling and getting busy with shoots.

Early in the month I headed over to Tein for Import Tuner for a two car feature and cover shoot.. I got there a bit early and decided to drive around my hometown a bit. I was sad to see how rundown things have gotton over the years, it’s a shame because it used to be a really nice city, but how the traffic is horrible and the business center is slowly decaying.


On the 23rd I had a cover shoot shoot for RV magazine, we took a truck and trailer to the cajon pass and did a lot of car to car photos, a fairly  easy shoot to do and the cover came out nice

RV magazine cover shoot

February 26th shoot was at the former el toro marine air station for truckin magazine.  This was a testing day where they had six trucks doing slalom and braking. They took baseline numbers and then did some modifications and reran the tests. It was a bit of a long day, mostly what  I had to shoot was the behind the scenes photos and action photos on the track.. There was also a feature to shoot at the end of the day.

slalom at El Toro

slalom at El Toro

One of the trucks got a little out of control and ended up in the dirt and had to be pulled out

working late into the light


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