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Back in Dallas

Drove back to Dallas, about 3 hours…ITS HOT. The in car thermometer indicated 108.

I checked in my hotel then Hampton Inn in Lewisville and just did some editing to catch up. When I received my key there was this card inside the key case. As part of Hampton Inns “green campaign” they now put these travel tips cards with your key. I wonder how much paper they waste just to give worthless tips.

On the subject of going green. I have noticed lately that just about every retail store are selling “green” bags. The retailers realize that the dumb asses think they are saving the planet by purchasing these so-called “green” products, where its just another revenue stream.

Just the act of creating more ”green” products the retailers are also creating more trash when these wear out. Here is a tip, use one of the number of bags you probably have at your house from department stores etc. Also just the production of these items is not green. I don’t care what percent of the product is recycled at the end it is going to end up in a landfill. Also look at all the electricty used to manufacture this item, the boxes to ship them and the gas used by the trucks to ship more useless crap to the stores

Today shot a pretty cool truck a 71 Toyota Hilux whose body was left original including rust, but had Center-line wheels and was on air-bags. This truck was pretty cool, I was more interested in this more than then Nissan R35 skyline I shot a few days before. Anybody can buy an R35 but take a vehicle that is 20+years old and completely rework the suspension where nothing is off the shelf takes talent and vision, this truck had soul.

Before the shoot I had dinner at Baker’s Ribs in Deep Ellum.

For those of you who don’t know Deep Ellum is the renovated warehouse district located just three blocks east of downtown Dallas. There are a lot of places to listen to live music, there are several galleries and great places to eat. I had the brisket and ribs with pinto beans and mac and cheese. The ribs were fall off the bone fantastic and the brisket was absolutely amazing. the meat was so tender and had a great smokey flavor. Although there was bbq sauce, the meats were so good by themselves that they didn’t need anything else.

I’ll talk more later about my thoughts on bbq


Blog Day 1

It’s 5:30 in the morning, I should be sleeping after my 8 hours of driving and 2 hour photo-shoot from the day before, I really need to sleep. After briefly waking up I can’t get back to sleep. too many thoughts creeping into my head as i try to get a few hours more rest at the luxurious Hampton Inn before the start of another day.

I start to think about the day before and many other days like it. Wishing i would have kept some sort of log, journal or diary over the years. Wish i would have taken more random photos of things i have experienced. But when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was so wrapped up in the day to day of work that I never thought to document the things I’ve experienced, the access I have had to really interesting people, events and places.

Recently, I was pouring over images and printed magazine articles for my website and for my image archive and the memories of shoots started to come back. It is amazing how by looking at a transparency, it was like I was transported back to the photo-shoot. I would remember all the details of that shoot good and bad. Then, once again regretting not having a log or journal of my professional career. I have seen, been a part of and met some pretty amazing people over these past 25 years of being a Photographer

During the course of my job I do a lot of driving to photo-shoots whether in California or anywhere in the country, which means a lot of time to think and after hearing a radio interview with a sports writer who created a blog and how his blog helped him to keep a better connection to family and friends when he is on the road plus a record of his life. I decided what the hell i guess ill try a blog.

This is not going to be a hardcore blog or a diary of my life. Rather to journal some of what goes on in my life as a Photographer for Source Interlink Media and the 10 publications I shoot for including Super Street, Project Car, Import Tuner, European Car, Eurotuner, Honda Tuning, Modified, Heavy Hitters, Truckin and Mini-Truckin. This is designed to keep my friends entertained and amused over time.